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1980s Fashions are Back And We Think It It Is A Good Thing

1980s Fashions are Back And We Think It It Is A Good Thing


Marc Jacobs 2018

Many recent runway shows have provoked outrage and dismay from a lot of fashion critics. The style savvy writers announced, in shock and dismay, (as if someone had died), that yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 80's are back. 

Unlike these disappointed fashion writers, Katie and I have been anticipating this moment for a long time!  Far from mourning, we are breaking out the champagne, because we really love a LOT about the 1980s!

So, over the next month, we'd like to show you the things we love about the decade everyone thinks they hate!  Here are our first 7 reasons for toasting the decade we both love to celebrate!

1. COLOR and Color Blocking! 


1980's Thierry Mugler Jacket                             Christian Lacroix 1980's dress

YSL vintage 1980s color block dressGivenchy Couture vintage dress 1980s

Yves Saint Laurent 1980's Dress                           Givenchy Couture 1980's

escada color block 1980sbill blass 1980s color block

Escada Color Block Silk Blouse                             Bill Blass 1980s Evening Gown


Yves Saint Laurent 1988


Mietis - f/w  2018 - 2019


Tom Ford, Adam Selman, Marc Jacobs and Lanvin

Maybe it's because we live in Oregon and see too many gray days or maybe it's because we can't we can't think of any more creative ways to say beige, tan or brown.  But, whatever the reason, we loved the way the fashion designers of the 80's embraced bold, brave colors! So seeing them explode on the runways again is music to our eyes! 

No one did color blocking as well as Yves Saint Laurent! He was truly the master, but you can also achieve the color block effect yourself, by using solid colored contrasting scarves and accessories with solid colored separates or dresses!


1980s Leather DressLillie Rubin 1980s dress

1980's black leather dress                         Lillie Rubin Vintage 80's Dress

1980s jumpsuitAlaia 80's leather jacket

1980's Jumpsuit                                        Alaia Black Leather Jacket 1980's


Claude Montana 1984 (Vogue)


Saint Laurent Sprint 2018 RTW


Balmain, Gareth Pugh, Chanel and Isabel Marant

Shoulder pads get a bad rap!  When done well, they do wonders for a body and bring the chic factor to any jacket. Yes - we are a little biased- we love strong shoulders and the powerful, empowered cuts of the 1980's! 

After all of the loose, free flowing 70's inspired tunics we've seen for what seems like years now, it's refreshing to see some structure back on the runway!  It's not just pads that give shoulders their day in the sun - the angles and details of the shoulders bring their own stylish drama!

Don't throw out all of your beautiful caftans though, you can easily pair them with a strong jacket or blazer. Free flowing fabrics are huge right now and the juxtaposition of mixing them with structure is gorgeous! You can start your shoulder statement slowly with a slightly padded jacket or embrace it fully with wide, angular cuts!  Once you do it, you'll be a believer!



Vintage French Oui Sweater &                Sonia Rykiel Pull de Luxe Sweater



Esprit 1980's


Versace 2018


Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, Dior

Whether it's a logo, a meaningful political statement, or a silly saying, we have missed fun statement sweaters and sweatshirts in fashion. Katharine Hamnett's famous "Stay alive in 85" was a fashion must have in the 80's, and brands like Esprit, Gucci, and Versace all had coveted logo tops. 

It's fun to mix these types of sweaters and tops with more "serious" fabrics and patterns like silks, plaids, and patent leather! You can decide to wear your thoughts on your shirt or just have fun with shapes designs and logos to make your own kind of statement with your clothing!



Oscar de la Renta Vintage Ruffled Coat         Victor Costa 1980's Ruffled Net Dress

1980s-pink-orange-aj-bariBill Blass ruffles 1980s

AJ Bari 1980's Ruffled Pink Dress                    Bill Blass 1980's Silk Ruffled Dress


Iman in Valentino Dress, photographed by Stan Malinowski for Vogue, 1980


Alexander McQueen 2018


Jason Wu, Givenchy, Gucci and Giambattista Valli

Everyone needs a few ruffles in their life! (And I'm not talking about the chips). They can instantly make the piece you are wearing unforgettable!

If you feel nervous about wearing ruffles, start with a blouse or dress with a simple ruffled collar and/or cuffs. Once you get used to a simple frill or two, be warned, you might fall in love with them and soon move on to more and more fluffy layers of romantic ruffles!

5. BOWS!

1980s Victor Costa Pink Dress Bowsvictor costa strapless 1980s dress with bow

Victor Costa Vintage 1980's Pink Dress        Victor Costa 1980's Dress With bow

Nina Ricci Bow Dress 1980soscar de la renta 1980s dress

Nina Ricci 1980s Strapless Dress                  Oscar de la Renta 1980s dress


Christian Lacroix 1980s


Yves Saint Laurent and Dior (3rd from left) 1980s

Marc Jacobs 2018


Givenchy, Valentino, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs

Bows are back - everywhere!  They can range from single giant bows that define the entire piece you are wearing, or smaller bows that accent a blouse, dress or skirt.  The more dramatic the better and you won't just see them at the neck, they are showing up on bodices, shoulders, and skirts!  

Bows don't have to be overly "frilly", they can be strong and represent boldness and high style.  Find the bow that suits your personality style so that you can wear it effortlessly.



Michael Hoban 1980's Jacket                             Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Coat

Blue Leather 1980s oversized jacket and skirtvakko 1980s orange leather coat

1980's Blue Leather Jacket and Skirt                 Vakko Orange Leather 1980's Coat


Michael Hoban for North Beach Leather 1980's


Roberto Cavalli 2018


Lanvin, Trussardi, Miu Miu, Londra, Versace, and Ellery

When did leather lose its pizazz? Leather & Faux Fur in bright colors is huge again!  Find a pair of orange leather pants to go with that simple black jacket or a fuzzy pink jacket to pair with your black leather pants.

We hope you will decide to make that color choice a vintage one because dyed leathers and furs/faux furs from the 1980's are usually easy to find and always fun to wear!

 7. DENIM!

Thierry MuglerPatrick Kelly 1980s denim outfit

1980s Thierry Mugler Denim Skirt Suit            Patrick Kelly 1980s Denim Short Suit

1980s denim jacket norma kamali 1980s denim dress

1980s Designer Denim Jacket                          Norma Kamali 1980's Denim Dress


Norma Kamali Denim Dress by Irving Penn 1983


Nina Ricci 2018


Adam Selman, Oscar de la Renta, Public School, Dior, and Stella McCartney

The return of denim is always good news!  Even 1980's inspired paint splattered or acid washed denim can look high fashion if worn well! High waist denim is replacing super low rises and designers are using every shade of blue!

Find some unique 1980's denim pieces and pair them with a modern handbag and contemporary shoes and it will fit in seamlessly! Most importantly, when you buy vintage, you are making an ethical fashion decision and one that will be uniquely your own!

We will continue our love affair with the 1980's in our next post when we talk about the beauty of oversized pieces and the power of the poof and the peplum! We won't stop until we convince you that the 1980's were pretty cool.






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