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At Modig, we take pride in offering a wide range of luxury vintage shoes that showcase iconic designs from legendary designers. Our collection includes exclusive pieces from notable fashion houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy, Gucci, Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Each designer has a unique style that is evident in their footwear, from the elegant simplicity of Valentino to the bold and daring designs of Versace. We carefully source these pieces to ensure their authenticity and quality, making them perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of fashion history. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair of pumps for a special occasion or unique boots to elevate your everyday look, our collection has something for everyone. With Modig, you can step into the past while making a statement in the present.