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Lisa In Paris

On a class trip to France, while her classmates were enjoying espresso and eclairs, Lisa was off on her own exploring the luxury fashion houses of Paris. She longed to soak up every bit of history and inspiration from the designers she had admired her entire life from the pages of Vogue.

For Lisa, collecting vintage is personal. It is about seeking out and surrounding herself with beautiful things that tell a rich story, and create a connection to the brilliant minds that created such groundbreaking designs.

Vintage creates a connection to the rich stories of each piece to the wearer, allowing you to become part of the rich history and provenance of the piece.

Modig means Brave

Fashion has always been about communication. Designers reflecting on the social climate of their time through their collections. Craftspeople showing the world what they can do through incredibly mastery of techniques.

People expressing their unique selves with garments.

Modig is the Swedish word for brave. At Modig, we help our clients communicate with their attire, tapping into the boldness that comes with bravely and unabashadly expressing your unique sense of style.

The Modig Family

Lisa and Katie (third of Lisa's four daughters) started selling vintage slips from the 1930s and 40s on eBay in 2001, connecting with people all over the globe who appreciated the beauty of these incredibly luxurious silk and lace garments.

Lisa grew into her own eCommerce website (originally Dressing Vintage). Pieces from her collection became part of the permanent collection of some of the worlds most prestigious museums. She collaborated with costume designers, using clothing to tell the beautiful stories and create the intricate worlds of Argo, Tree of Life, and American Hustle.

Katie re-joined her mom in 2015 as a co-owner, and shortly after they opened the Modig Studio. The studio is a place where during appointments, clients can experience these incredible pieces first-hand. They can hear stories about the rich provenances, explore histories of the incredible designers, and immerse into the luxurious fabrics, techniques and designs of the seasonal selection on display.

Vintage As Luxury

Elegant, luxurious pieces should last a lifetime. The boldness of self-expression, the constant quest for beautiful design, and the incredibly rich knowledge base forged from decades of working with vintage pieces are the defining characteristics of Modig.

Sustainability is at the heart of our guiding principles at Modig, creating a world where incredible pieces from the past can last to create new stories. This is reflected in the care we take with each of our pieces.

To quote Lisa's favorite designer, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." -Yves Saint Laurent. Personal style will always transcend trend. Style is what you say to the world every time you step outside your doorstep.

Be bold. Be discerning. Be brave.

Loved for a Lifetime

Expert care is taken with every piece in the Modig collection. These beautiful treasures are treated accordingly - professionally cleaned, mended, steamed and stored until it can be carefully packed and shipping to its new home.

While there are some small imperfections that remain on vintage pieces that the professionals could not treat (small remnants reveling a piece was loved and enjoyed) we do our best to describe and photograph it all. Unfold the beautiful packaging of a Modig delivery and be surprised and delighted by the instantly wearable pieces inside, not disappointed by undisclosed blemishes.

The Future of Modig

We are always looking for ways to surprise and delight our incredible clients. We launched Modig Rewards at the end of 2022, with exclusive benefits unlocked at every tier.

In 2023 we are opening our doors digitally to invite our customers across the globe into the Modig Studio. Dive deeper into the histories of designers, learn why we collect certain pieces, and experience our collection in a more sensory way.

The Modig Studio

Portland, OR

1427 NW Raleigh St
Open by Appointment only