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Dressing Vintage in Sweden - Part 1

Dressing Vintage in Sweden - Part 1

Part 1: Winter in Stockholm

Katie and Lisa of Dressing Vintage on the street in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden

On the street in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden


We spent Christmas of 2016 exploring Stockholm, Sweden, delving into our rich Swedish heritage and, naturally, shopping for vintage treasures. Winter in Stockholm is a magical time, where extreme weather meets impeccable design.


Katie and Lisa of Dressing Vintage in Stockholm Sweden During the Winter of 2016

Scandinavian Design Store E. Torndahl


Every week feels like fashion week on the streets of Stockholm, and even the cheapest thrift store feels like an elegant boutique. We quickly realized that the US is trying desperately to catch up to the impeccable, and seemingly effortless Swedish aesthetic.


Paint Swatches Sweden

Swedish Color Palettes


There were four hours of sunlight each day on our trip, and the temperature stayed well below freezing, but the Swedish people have learned how to warm up the cold, dark winter. Every street was draped with a different variety of perfect glistening strands of light. One bustling downtown street would have an array of chandeliers running down the center overhead, while another cobblestone road glistens from stars strung between the centuries old brick buildings. Since it was the holidays, the scent of saffron and cardamom wafted through the air from the bakeries, and store windows were softly aglow with advent candle trays.

Gamla Stan Cobblestone Street

Gamla Stan during the day


 Winter Magical Twinkle Lights Stockholm for Christmas

Gamla Stan at night


The unexpected contrasts are where the Swedish "look" feels most effective. Swedes seamlessly infuse new, cutting edge design with the stunning charm of the old, creating a unique place that is unlike any other.


Stockholm Sweden in the winter 


Sweden in the winter is a dark, cold, and an undeniably amazing experience.


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