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vintage cashmere coat 1977

1970s Holiday Time Travel Gift Guide

We have a huge resource library of vintage magazines and catalogs at Modig and recently, I came across the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book from 1977. I thought you'd enjoy traveling through time with us to get a peek at what gift giving looked like in the 1970's!
Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 1977
This gorgeous 1970's white cashmere coat would blend into any modern wardrobe seamlessly!
The tops from the 70's are perfectly on trend and we adore vintage 1970's jewelry and shoes!
vintage 1970s clothing
This is such a perfect glimpse into 1970's fashion and those hats!
vintage mens jewelry
It's refreshing to see men's ties, pocket watches and cufflinks featured as gifts!
Vintage flower comb 1970s
We miss fun hair jewelry and accessories! These flowers were a big element of the later 1970's!
Neiman Marcus Holiday Gift Catalogue 1970s
Those sunglasses are definitely back in style as is the gorgeous velvet blazer!
Neiman Marcus 1970s Caftan
Caftans have never gone out of style! 
vintage 1970s nightgown robe
Sleepwear is such a perfect gift - and these pieces were made of silk, of course!
vintage 1970's sheets
That mustache is a lot - definitely screaming 1970's! But we love the sheets!
vintage tv trays and plates
We love the trays and fun bird dishes!  We also love reclaiming old serving pieces like this wonderful jam jar with a little spoon and a lid!
vintage chocolate Neiman Marcus 1970s
Probably my favorite gift - chocolate!
vintage gift guide 1977
vintage box
We hope you've enjoyed this little blast from the past - next week we will be showing you how to make gift giving more meaningful this year!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Lisa and Katie
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