Norma Kamali


If you wear streetwear, athleisure, puffy coats, slinky one piece swimsuits, or if you ever embraced massive shoulder pads, you have Norma Kamali to thank.

From her humble beginnings in 1969 as a small shop owner/designer, Kamali made a name for herself designing the iconic swimsuit worn by Farrah Fawcett (in the famous poster that was on the wall of every teenage boy in the 1970's) and her famous OMO shop that catered to clientele like Bianca Jagger in the 1980's.

Perhaps her lifelong obsession with wellness inspired her to design livable, easy to wear clothing that still feels modern today. We love Norma, and find inspiration in her never ending desire to reject the stereotypes of aging in the world of fashion! We believe that she was one of the most important female designers of the 20th century and that she continues to be relevant and influential today.

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