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Be Mine: The Dressing Vintage Guide to Valentine's Day

Be Mine: The Dressing Vintage Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I am excited. Not for heart-shaped boxes of chocolate (I know too much about the unethical sourcing of cocoa to trust anything that isn't fair trade), not for an excuse to go out and buy new lingerie (beautiful silk is almost impossible to find, the best you can hope for is a polyester/nylon blend with a satin sheen and a high price tag), and not for flowers (no real reason here, I just don't like red roses).


While my list of ethical and personal dilemmas could make for a huge Debbie Downer of a Valentine's Day, vintage fashion comes through to rescue this day of love -- alongside the nice excuse to wear a hot pink dress, bright red lipstick, and purple pumps all at once!


 Vintage Lipstick Blotter Hankies

Vintage Lipstick Kiss Blotter Handkerchiefs


At Dressing Vintage, we love spectacular things. We also love a good theme that allows us show off some of our loveliest vintage treasures in a unique way! No matter how you choose to spend February 14th, use it as an excuse to spoil yourself or your significant other with something unique, ethical, and absolutely beautiful.


Dressing Vintage Valentine's Day Gift Guide



1. Red "Lipstick" Vintage Handkerchief   2. 1980's Bob Mackie Red Sequin Dress   3. Red and White Vintage Lucite Confetti Bracelet   4. Oscar de la Renta Designer Vintage Garter Belt   5. Red Patent Leather Scalloped Edge Shoes   6. Sue Leslie 1960's Raspberry Pink Dress   7. Vintage Valentine Heart Handkerchief   8. Givenchy Pale Pink Strappy Heels   9. 1960's Pink and Gold Sparkle Vintage Dress   10. Koret Pink Leather Handbag with Circle Handle   11. Pink Agate Victorian Necklace   12. 1930's Vintage Peach Silk and Lace Slip   13. Christian Dior Vintage Strappy Gold Sandals   14. Vintage Sonia Rykiel Pink Studded Leather Belt   15. 1960's Black and Pink Plaid Coat   16. Mother of Pearl Vintage Dance Card   17. NWT Madeira Floral Handkerchief   18. Bright Pink Vintage Leather Gloves   19. Vintage Pink Alligator Peep Toe Heels   20. 1980's Purple Suede Studded Heels   21. Rare Maud Frizon Shoulder Bag with Pom Poms   22. 1980's Vintage Christian Dior Purple Bow Dress   23. Signed Vintage Valentine Handkerchief

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