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Fashion Search for the Illusive Perfect White Cotton Blouse

Fashion Search for the Illusive Perfect White Cotton Blouse


I'm a white blouse person.  I completely understand Fashion Designer Carolina Herrera's obsession with them - my daughter won't let me buy any more (when she is with me).  So.. I'm confused, because once again. I have had yet another frustrating shopping experience.  

I was searching for a white cotton, button down collared blouse that would be long enough to wear with leggings.   Here is my main question - if leggings and jeggings and tight fitting pants are so IN, why don't they make tops that don't look like giant SACKS to wear with them? Anyway.. I needed a nice white shirt because I was having an artist's design screen-printed on it so I didn't want any lycra - just 100% cotton.  I also didn't want a mandarin collar or for it to be baggy or shapeless, pleated or ruched.  Just high quality, long staple cotton, fitted and elegant.  I didn't want to use my favorite Brunello Cucinelli white blouse- (perfect length, fitted with french cuffs), because it is one that I wear with everything. ( I, of course, purchased mine, new, but at a resale shop, so this originally $700 shirt cost me $50).  But I digress.., in terms of my shopping expedition, I thought I was looking for a "staple" that would be no problem to find.  Wrong. 



Don't get me wrong, if I wanted a silk blouse, and if money was no object, I would buy this $800 Jabot blouse from Chloe! 



This one from Chanel is $7000. Hmmm..



If I didn't mind a lycra blend, this Kaylynn Tunic Solid White on the left or the Matthew tunic on the right, from Finley would have been ideal.



This one, by Theory, was close, but I didn't want the side slit to be quite so obvious since it wasn't really as long as I wanted it to be.  It was sold out everywhere so I wasn't able to buy it even if I'd wanted to do so.



This one, by Vince, ($195) is a great length, and is a good quality shirt, but it just seemed to lack something.



This Donna Karan shirt was a beautiful cotton and nice length but $795 was out of my price range.  It was also a little to baggy for me.



This Stella Carakasi Uptown Downtown Tunic Shirt from Sierra Trading post was on clearance for $29.99 from $110.00 and I liked the assymetrical front, it reminded me of one that Helmut Lang did once, but the back worried me - I'm not sure I want anything to accentuate that area!



This 100% cotton "Endless" shirt from JCrew was perfect but every place in my town was out of my size and I didn't have time to order one online.  For $88, it's a great option in the future.  Maybe the fashion world should take note:  If this shirt keeps selling out, maybe we need more like it!



Ultimately, I bought a small, fitted men's shirt that will have to do for this project. But my search for the perfect white cotton shirt continues!

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  • Irene

    The 3/4 sleeve white blouse on the older blonde model is the best blouse….the rest of the blouses do nothing…

    Where can the top blouse be found

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