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How 17th Century Flemish Paintings Inspired Our Vintage Photo Shoot

How 17th Century Flemish Paintings Inspired Our Vintage Photo Shoot

At first glance, it may be hard to draw the clear connection between oil paintings of dead pheasants and high end vintage clothing editorials. But, when it came time to create the Dressing Vintage Fall Lookbook, that is exactly where inspiration was found: 17th Century Dutch and Flemish still life paintings.

 Dressing Vintage Fashion Imitates Art - Michael Novarese Gold Lame Gown


Pale, neutral colors and minimalist lines seem to be the current aesthetic trend in the fashion world. At Dressing Vintage, we see trend as a fickle mistress, and try as we might, we can't seem to get glittering golds, rich chocolate browns, and luxurious greens out of our head. Pale, neutral backdrops don't do vintage silk chiffon dresses and gold lamé gowns justice.


Dressing Vintage Fashion Imitates Art - Patrick Kelly Parachute Pants


Dutch and Flemish still life paintings feature flowers bursting from gold vases, ornate kitchen table scenes overflowing with food and freshly caught game, and desk scenes depicting draped fabric, burning candles and disheveled books. All these lush and vivacious scenes carry heavy symbolism and rich colors against a characteristic dark background.


Dressing Vintage Fashion Imitates Art - 1930's Silk Kimono


Norma Kamali, Patrick Kelly, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and the many other vintage clothing designers featured in our Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook represent some of the brilliant artisans of the fashion world. Their attention to form, color, line and texture keep their impeccably designed clothing, shoes, and accessories visually akin to fine works of art. A silk kimono or purple dress from the hands of one of these great masters is a piece of history, and refuses to be ignored.

The uncompromising commitment to beauty also allows these clothing designs to stand the test of time, blending seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.


Dressing Vintage Fashion Imitates Art - Silk Chiffon Party Dress


In today's culture of throwaway fashion, created to fit a bottom line and designed to be discarded after one or two wears, we at Dressing Vintage wanted to highlight what fashion used to be, and what we hope one day it will become again. We wear and sell vintage because we see fashion as an investment in quality and ethical sustainability, without sacrificing beautiful individuality and style. 


Dressing Vintage Fashion Imitates Art - 1980's Norma Kamali Sweatshirt Dress


The right vintage pieces make it impossible to blend in with the crowd. Instead of settling for becoming a piece of ornamentation, stand out as a stunning focal point wherever you go.



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