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A Perfect Alexander "Lee" McQueen Outfit

A Perfect Alexander "Lee" McQueen Outfit

Alexander "Lee" McQueen's pieces are always a beautiful juxtaposition of tradition and innovation, fluidity and confinement, and fragility and power.  This vintage Spring Summer 2004 two piece ensemble is a perfect example of that. It's also a lovely representation of the exquisite tailoring and attention to detail that made Alexander McQueen more than just a powerhouse showman. 

Alexander McQueen 2004 Patchwork Skirt Jacket Suit Lee McQueen

McQueen's 2004 Spring Summer runway show; "Deliverance" depicted models in a seemingly never ending dance marathon. The show was based on the 1969 film, "They Shoot Horses Don't They", directed by Sydney Pollack. The film is set in the 1930's during the great depression. Contestants compete in a dance marathon that goes on for weeks in hopes of winning the $1500 grand prize. 


 As in the film, the show starts out with energetic dancers filled with enthusiasm and hope. As lethargy and exhaustion take over, the models are dragged across the floor, barely able to keep themselves awake. In the film, the contestants suffered heat exhaustion, nervous breakdowns, and even death.  

Alexander Lee McQueen 2004 Suit

In true McQueen fashion, he was able to bring even the reality of something as unglamorous as the great depression to the forefront of a high fashion stage. In this suit, he used elbow patches and hand sewn pieced fabric with unfinished edges to represent the resourcefulness of human beings during such devastating times.

Alexander McQueen 2004 Deliverance Patchwork Skirt Jacket Suit

The use of men's shirting in a woman's suit once again showed how people were creative in "making do" with the materials they had on hand.  

2004 Alexander McQueen Deliverance Skirt Jacket Suit

Even the suiting buttons and unfinished button holes add to the drama of this impeccably tailored skirt suit. The neutral colored patches are strategically placed to form a beautiful abstract design. 

2004 Deliverance Alexander McQueen

The bias cut godet skirt pays homage to the 1930's but it is interpreted with a modern twist. 

Alexander McQueen 2004 runway show deliverance

The flounce on the back of the jacket perhaps indicates that the jacket was re-styled from a man's jacket to fit a woman. There is no detail missing from this historical 2 piece suit.  

We've sold several pieces from this beautiful collection, including one of the gorgeous evening dresses with swarovski crystal beading, but this one is probably our very favorite. We look at it every day and find a new detail every time.  It is a perfect example of Alexander McQueen's brilliance and we will definitely be sad when it leaves us!

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