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Spring 2021 Trends Part 1: Bralettes Corsets and Bustiers

Spring 2021 Trends Part 1: Bralettes Corsets and Bustiers

People are always so surprised when they find out something Katie or I are wearing is vintage.  For us, there can be no greater compliment! Though it is a challenge to stay runway current by only wearing vintage clothing, it's definitely not a difficult one! We love that wearing vintage is one of the easiest way to incorporate ethical fashion into your wardrobe and reduce your carbon footprint!

We would love to show you how to buy vintage pieces that will look as modern as those shown at fashion week! This week we are focusing on the tops that were so heavily featured on both the Spring and Fall 2021 runways!  From bustiers and corsets to bandeaus and bralettes, these statement tops were a part of almost every collection!

2021 Fashion Trends Corsets Bralettes Bustiers

If you aren't interested in wearing a cropped top, try to find a vintage piece that is in a bustier or corset style! You can wear these tops with or without a blouse underneath and pair them with dressy evening skirts or jeans!

Thierry Mugler Vintage Tulle Gold Lame Corset Dress

Vintage Thierry Mugler Couture Gold Bustier With Pink Tulle Skirt

Dolce & Gabbana Corset top

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Laced Corset

Oleg Cassini-Vintage beaded bustieer

Vintage Oleg Cassini Beaded Top

vintage oleg cassini beaded sweetheart bustier

Oleg Cassini Vintage Beaded Colorful Bustier Top

2021 Fashion Trends Mini Bralettes Bandeaus shorts

If you are comfortable wearing a cropped top, there are hundreds of vintage options! You can wear a bralette under a jacket, wear one that fits like a bra shows off quite a bit of skin, or choose a midriff top that reveals just a sliver! 

Rare Vintage Michael Hoban leather musical note bra pants and jacket

Vintage Michael Hoban Musical Note Bralette With matching pants & Jacket

Alaia Vintage Shorts Bustier and Jacket

Alaia vintage cropped bustier shorts jacket and skirt ensemble

vintage Dolce Gabbana Green Crop Top and Skirt

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Cropped Top and Skirt

Natalie Cole vintage white velvet bralette jacket and wide leg pants 

Vintage 1970's Outfit worn by Natalie Cole with bra top

Vintage crop top with skirt


Gianni-Versace-vintage dress


You can also use your imagination and wear a sheer slip,that gives the illusion of a corset, tucked in to a pair of pants or a skirt, or wear a swimsuit bra as a top! We also love the beautiful vintage 1930's silk bralettes that make great tops!

Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Black Corset babydoll slip

Dolce & Gabbana Dotted Sheer Babydoll Slip with Corset top

vintage bra tops bandeaus vintage bralettes

Vintage Swimwear Tops

vintage 1930s bra top silk

1930's Pink Silk Bralette

One of the most important values at Modig is fashion confidence. We love it when people embrace styles that are perfect for them, regardless of trend. But when you do want to wear something that fits right into today's styles, it's important to remember a couple of things.

1. Find the courage to say no to pushy sales people and opinionated friends, and only buy pieces that make you feel like you!

2. Buy only what you love and those things that make you feel happy! No matter how popular or on trend a style or color is, if you don't feel comfortable or enjoy wearing it, it will become a relic in your closet! 

Next week, we will be sharing examples of more fabulous vintage pieces that would fit on a modern 2021 runway!



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