Spring 2021 Trends Part II: Monochromatic Hues

This year's monochromatic color trend is still one of our favorites! Dressing in tonal shades of the same color creates instant elegance and sophistication and it is one of the hottest, long lasting runway trends we've seen lately!
Monochromatic Spring 2021 Fashion Trends
We have always loved suits because they give the wearer so many options! You can pair a jacket or skirt from a skirt suit with other pieces in your closet to create entirely new looks! When wearing monochromatic hues, always consider picking the most flattering shade for your skin tone regardless of trend.  If the year's #1 color is a shade that makes you look washed out or sickly, you will never feel good wearing it!  Luckily, the current trends include shades of just about every color of the rainbow, so you are likely to find one that is just right for you! 
Vintage Thierry Mugler Yellow Monochromatic Skirt Suit with cutouts
Thierry Mugler Vintage Yellow Skirt Suit with Cutouts
Vintage Thierry Mugler Mint Green Monochrome Skirt Suit
Vintage Thierry Mugler Mint Green Skirt Suit
Gai Mattiolo Vintage Monochromatic purple Dress and Coat Suit
Gai Mattiolo Vintage Purple Dress and Coat Suit
Vintage Oversized Jacket Escada Blue Suede Skirt and Jacket Suit
Blue Suede Vintage Escada Oversized Jacket and Skirt Suit
Monochrome Runway trends 2021
Vintage Valentino Silk Monochromatic Ivory White Pant Suit
Ivory Valentino Silk Wide Leg Pants and Top Outfit
Calvin Klein Collection Vintage Periwinkle Blue Monochrome Pantsuit
Calvin Klein Collection Monochromatic Vintage Trouser Suit
Rare Vintage Claude Montana Purple 1980s Monochromatic Pants and top Suit
Vintage Claude Montana Purple Suede and Leather Outfit
vintage Yves Saint Laurent Monochromatic purple pants outfit
Purple Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Knickers and Jacket Outfit
Thierry Mugler vintage monochromatic white pantsuit pants jacket
vintage blue monochromatic shorts and jacket suit
Mid Century Vintage Monochromatic H Cosentino of Capri Green Cotton Shorts & Tunic Outfit
Italian 1960's Vintage Playsuit 2 Piece Green Shorts and Top Outfit
Fashion Trends 2021 Monochromatic Patterns
If you really love the idea of dressing in monochrome shades but you love prints, never fear! Print pattern matching was also a huge runway trend for 2021 and Fall/Winter 2021/22. You can mix the exact same print or choose prints in the same color shades. 
vintage Bill blass monochromatic floral coat and pants suit
Vintage Bill Blass Tan and Black Floral Coat and Pant Suit
vintage Christian Lacroix Floral Skirt Jacket Suit
Vintage Christian Lacroix Blue Skirt Suit with Orange and Purple Flowers
1970s vintage salmon pink paisley pants and tunic outfit
1970's vintage outfit in salmon pink paisley floral print
Jean-Louis Scherrer Pink & Black Wide Leg Pants & Bandeau Evening Dress Alternative
We love it when people ignore trends and buy what they love, but we also know that most of us fall in love with contemporary trends now and then! When you want a modern look, you can always find a vintage piece that fits into that category and it will most likely be better made and definitely more unique!
Wearing vintage doesn't mean looking like you are wearing your grandmother's clothing, (although there's nothing wrong with that if you have the right grandmother), it's about finding styles that speak to you! 
Vintage Valentino Black Statement Sleeve Skirt Suit
Black Beaded Vintage Valentino Skirt Suit With Statement Sleeves
Modig means "Brave" in Swedish and Katie and I encourage all of our clients to bravely embrace ethical vintage fashion that makes them feel like the best versions of themselves!
Happy Spring!
Lisa and Katie

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