1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress - Dressing Vintage
Howard Greer

1950's Draped Grecian Howard Greer Green Silk Chiffon Vintage Dress

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Bruce MacIntosh Howard Greer Vintage Dress

Green Silk Chiffon full length vintage evening gown from the 1950's by Bruce MacIntosh for Howard Greer. Luxurious green silk chiffon with gorgeous draping and pleated Grecian style bodice. This is one of my favorite dresses and I have been reluctant to put it on the site because it is one I love visiting every now and then.

Howard Greer was a costume designer in Hollywood but also owned a couture salon. He began his career after college working with Lucile (Lady Duff Gordon), first in Chicago and then in New York. Bruce MacIntosh became his partner in 1946 and he convinced Greer to do more ready to wear and to move away from exclusively offering couture.  Eventually, the two made only ready to wear, but it was very exclusive still - usually only one dress was sold per city.  This dress would have been made in the late 1950's and it is made with such care, it's hard to believe that it was considered "ready to wear" because you can see that there is some handwork and the details are amazing.Today, I am not sure if anything is made like this!  After 35 years in business, Greer and MacIntosh closed their business in 1962. Howard Greer vintage evening gowns would normally sell for over $1000 but price has been adjusted because there are a few issues that need attention.  

Condition:  Needs some love:  The silk chiffon needs to be re-attached in a few places along the bodice at the top - it has torn away from the lining but this should be an easy fix for a seamstress. The chiffon that covers the straps is somewhat frayed so I would suggest wearing it strapless. Lastly, there have been two repairs to the chiffon near the bottom and there are a few tears there as well.  I assume that the tears happened when someone caught it in a shoe. Because the fabric is so full in the skirt, if the tears are repaired, they shouldn't be noticeable at all. I don't say that lightly, I normally don't even sell dresses on my site if they have any flaws at all, but his dress is so exceptional that I know it would be worth repairing. There is a back metal zipper that has hooks and eyes that close to make it invisible. This is such an incredible, important dress, and I know that it would make a gorgeous special event dress for the buyer who appreciates the quality and details in designer vintage clothing and is willing to have the garment repaired so it can once again be worn and loved. I almost want someone to leave it on a dress form in their living room for decor, but it's too pretty not to wear!

BUST   34"
WAIST   26"
HIPS Free  
LENGTH under arm to waist   8"
LENGTH from waist 23"


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What's the difference between "good" and "excellent" condition?

See our Condition Notes page.


Why do vintage clothing prices differ so much online?

Shopping online can be very confusing! You need to look at the unique aspects of the piece, the designer, the quality and most importantly, the condition (view our Condition Notes page). Vintage clothing has everything to do with condition and quality.

Most of us who have been doing this for many years, have become more and more discriminate about condition and the pieces we add to our inventory so the prices might seem much higher, but they reflect a more selective collection of finer, rarer, or more collectible garments.


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